Tourist places in Pudukkottai

Pudukkottai District is one among 32 districts in Tamil Nadu state in southern India. The city of Pudukkottai is the district headquarters. It is also called colloquially as Pudhugai. Pudukkottai district is one of the least urbanized districts in Tamil Nadu. Pudukkottai district is surrounded on the northeast and east by Thanjavur District, on the southeast by the Palk Strait, on the southwest by Ramanathapuram and Sivaganga districts, and on the west and northwest by Tiruchirappalli District. According to Indian Census 2011, this district had a population of 16, 18,345 with a gender-ratio of 1,015 females for every 1,000 males. It has long history like Thanjavur, Madurai, Nilgiris, etc. The average literacy rate of the district is 77.96%. It is captivates many tourists in domestic as well as global. The following are the most popular tourist places in Pudukkottai.


This very old dwelling of Jains dating back to the 2nd Century B.C. is about 16 KMs away from Pudukkottai. The Rock–cut cave temple here has stunning fresco Paintings in natural colors as in Ajanta. The Natural cavern is with stone beds in which the Jain monks were said to have sought protection for meditation. This cave contains lithic record (Brahmi Script of 2nd Century B.C.) Here, there are a few sculptures of Jain Thirthankaras in the Ardhamandapam and the internal shrine of the cave temple. The ceiling of the Ardhamandapam contains fresco paintings of the 9th Century A.D. The cave temple is said to have been excavated in 9th century A.D. and it is a Pandya creation and art. Sittannavasal is one the oldest habitation of man in the district and is rich in megalithic sites. This cave temple and other sites are under the control of Archaeological Survey of India. Entrance is given in the form of tickets, open all days. Frequent bus service is available from Pudukkottai. So this is one of the world famous paintings in the world. Some of them say that, these paintings are pioneer than Ajanta paintings


Kudumbalur is located 36 KMs away from Pudukkottai and 42 KMs away from Trichy. It was formerly the seat of Irukkuvelirs, who were related to the Cholas. Kodumbalur is one of the ancient places in the district and is described in great Tamil epic Silappadikaram, The epic hero and his wife are said to have passed through this place on their way to Madurai. The early Chola temple here is known as "Muvarkoil". Of the three shrines of Muvarkoil only two exist now. These temples were constructed by Vikramakesari in the 10th Century A.D. But, the Architecture of the temple is unique among South Indian temples and is the ancestor of all the grand Chola monuments. So, it is one of the important places one should visit.

Thirumayam Fort

Here the main attraction is the Siva and Vishnu temples are located here. The fort played a significant role in the history of Thondaiman rulers of Pudukkottai and the British. It was built in the year 1687 A.D.


Kudumiyanmalai is located 20 KMs away from Pudukkottai. Here, the presiding deity is Sikhagiriswarar. There are exquisite sculptures in the temple. This temple is described in numerous inscriptions. It dates back to 8th to 9th century A.D.


This temple is dedicated to Lord Murugan which is located on the Viralimalai hillock. Here the peacock sanctuary is located. It is situated 30 KMs away from Trichy and 40 KMs away from Pudukkottai.


This ancient chapel was constructed in the year 1547 A.D. by father John Venantius Bouchet and the new Roman Catholic Church was constructed in the year 1747 A.D. This ancient chapel was constructed in the year 1547 A.D. by father John Venantius Bouchet and the new Roman Catholic Church was constructed in the year 1747 A.D.

Sri Gokarneswara temple - Thirugokarnam

This is a Rock-cut cave temple of Sri Gokarneswara–Brahadambal located at Thirugokarnam is a Pandya art and belongs to 9th century A.D. It is the tutelary deity of Thondaiman rulers of Pudukkottai.

Vijayalaya Choleeswaram (or) Nartha Malai

This is one of the ancient temples which are located in Pudukkottai District. This is one of the most important temples one should visit.

Pudukkottai Museum

The Pudukkottai Museum is located at Thirugokarnam. It has rare collections in Geology, Zoology, Paintings, Anthropology, Archaeology, Numismatics, Economics, Botany and Philately. The Fine Sculptures and bronzes of various periods are the, attractive items of the Museum. Open on all days Except Fridays, Second Saturdays of the month and three National Holidays. Here, the admission is free.


It is one of the most important Islamic Pilgrim Centres; this is situated on the Pudukkottai to Madurai highways. Here, both Hindus and Muslims visit this place and it is a symbol of religious harmony in Pudukkottai district.

Avudaiyar Koil

This is the most elaborate temple in the district full of bursting baroque sculptures, the temple of Athmanatha. It is called Thirupperundurai in inscriptions and intimately associated with Siva saint Manikkavasagar. The sacred book Saivism, Thiruvasakam of Manikkavasagar originated from this shrine. It is located 49 KMs away from Pudukkottai.

Bhuvaneswari Amman Temple

Goddess Bhuvaneswari is a symbol of beauty and grace. She is the giver of wealth, health and happiness. Bhuvaneswari Amman temple is located in the Pudukkottai District which is very famous all over the globe. Here, prayers offered to her remove sorrows. Then, the sins are forgiven by her. By praying her, birth less state and Moksha are obtained.

Ariyanachi Amman Kovil

Ariyanachi Amman koil is located at Pallavan Kulam, Pudukkottai district. This is one of the famous temples in Pudukkottai

Thirupunavasal Temple

Thirupunavasal Siva Temple is situated around 25 Kms from Thiruvadanai. Here, the main presiding deity is Vruddhapureeswarar or Pazhampathinathar and the Ambal is Perianayaki. The Lingam in Tirupunavasal is 9 feet tall (the third tallest lingam in Tamil Nadu).The Avudayar is 82.5 feet round. Compare this with the Lingam in Thanjavur Big Temple which is 12.5 feet tall & the one in Gangaikondacholapuram which is 13.5 feet tall. This temple is one of 275 Thevara sthalams and is also one of the Pandi Padinalu (14 Thevara sthalams in Pandinadu).

Pudukkottai Raja's Palace (Collector office)

Pudukkottai Raja's palace is mostly unknown except from Pudukkottai. Pudukkottai Raja's Palace located in Pudukkottai, on the way to Thiruvappoor Mariyamman temple. This Palace is very famous in Pudukkottai now, it is served as a Collector's Office. Before independance, Pudukkottai was a princely sate. Raja Sri rahdamba Dasa Raja Ramachnadra Tondaiman Bahadur was the ruler of Pudukkottai in the year july 3, 1829 to 15 April 1886. After that, Ramachandra Tondaiman patronised music and organized Carnatic music events in his palace. So, this is one of the oldest palace in South India one should visit.

Santharamman temple

Santharamman temple is located in Pallavan Kulam in Pudukkottai. Here, there is a theppakulam, which is very famous in Karthigai theepam. Here, some devottes are taking bath in theppakulam before entering the temple. In this temple, festivals are conducted in the Tamil month of 'Panguni' and 'Sithirai'. Another interesting thing is, Maha Sivarathri functions are grandly celebrated in every year Tamil month of 'Maasi'.

Arulmigu Muthumariamman temple, Thiruvappur

Thiruvappur Muthumariamman temple is very famous all over Tamil Nadu, and Thiruvappur Muthumariamman is one of the powerful amman. It is located in Thiruvappur, Pudukkottai. It is a more than 300 years old temple, here, the festivals are very famous and, every year humongous flowers are served to Muthumariyamman which is very famous all over Tamil Nadu.


In Tamil Nadu, most of the tourist visitors doesn't know Puthukulam. Puthukulam is very big pond, you can see it's like a ocean. Here, you can get clear breeze. It has long walking path which attracts more peoples in everyday morning and evening. Most of the sugar patients are walking in this path everyday morning and evening. Here, you can get fresh eatables in morning and evening. Nearer to Puthukualm there is a children park which attract many children in everyday. Closer to park there is a Vinayagr temple is there, which is one of the oldest temple in Pudukkottai. In puthukulam there is a cycle boating is available.

Sacred heart church

Many toursit people doesn't know Sacred heart church which is very famous in Pudukkottai. It is located near Puthukulam, another land mark is here there is a school called R.C. Middle school. This church has a marvellous architecture which has been visited every day by many spiritual peoples.

Pudukkottai court

Pudukkottai Court has architectural importance. It is one of the biggest court in Tamil Nadu. It has marvellous architecture which is constructed in British period. It is located near Brahadambal Government Higher Secondary School, which is one of the oldest government school in Tamil Nadu.