Tourist places in Krishnagiri

Krishnagiri is 30th district of Tamil Nadu. ‘Krishna’ refers to black and ‘giri’ refers to ‘hill’. This district is humongous with black granite hillocks and named as ‘Krishnagiri’. It is a 30th district of Tamil Nadu. The specialties about Krishnagiri is, it is first district E-governance was first introduced under the National E-Governance project (NEGP) in revenue and social welfare departments on a pilot basis. Krishnagiri is one of the largest producers of Mangoes in India. According to census 2011, the district had a population of 18, 79,809 with a gender-ratio of 958 females for every 1,000 males. The average literacy rate was 72.41% which is 10.12% higher than 2001 census.

Krishnagiri Reservoir Project(KRP) Dam

This dam is located 7 kilo meters away from Krishnagiri. It is in between neighbor district Dharmapuri and Krishnagiri. There are thousand acres of land around this district is irrigated with the help of this dam. This dam is very popular tourist spot. You can visit the dam during the week ends.

Thali–(Little England)

It is situated 25 kilo meters away from Hosur. It is at the border of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. It is located in the heaven of valleys and cliffs. Here, the climate is very chill and pleasant. It gives experiences like cold and cloudy weather resembling England. Hence, it is popularly called as ‘Little England’ since British rule. It is covered by numerous hills. This taluk headquarter is Denkanikottai. In Denkanikottai there is a fort which is built by Palayakarar in 1530 AD. After that the fort was destroyed during the war with Hyder Ali and Tippu Sultan.

Kelevarapalli Reservoir Project (KPRP)

This construction was completed in the year of 1995. It is located 10 kilo meters away from Hosur. It is 8 kilo meters away from Karnataka state. This place has become a picnic and vocation spot for citizens of Hosur area. You can visit this dam in all holidays

Rajaji Memorial and House–Thorapalli

It is a memory of the great leader Rajaji; the Tamil Nadu Government changed the house in Thorapalli, where Rajaji was born, as a memorial. It is situated 10 kilo meters away from Hosur near Onnalvadi. Here, the life history of Rajaji was displayed in the form of photo gallery.

Rayakottai Fort

It is located 30 kilo meters away from Hosur and marks the border of the Palghat Plateau. After the Mysore wars, it is a strategic place of British where their troops were stationed till 1861. The fort is one of the protected monuments.


It is situated 19 kilo meters away from Krishnagiri and 4 kilo meters away from Samalpallam which is lies on the Krishnagiri to Bangalore Road NH 7. In ancient period ancestor’s cult was worshipped by Megalithic people. Krishnagiri has three kinds of memorials that is named as Cairn circle, Dolmen and Urn burials.

Arulmigu Maragathambigal Chandra Choodeswarar Temple

This temple is situated in Hosur on NH 7. Most of the pilgrims from Karnataka state have worshipped every day. Beside this temple there is a children park an observatory setup by the department of tourism. In Nearer to the hillock there is a guest house which is functioning under the control of Tamil Nadu tourism.

Shree Parshwa Padmavathi Shaktippetam Theertham

Krishnagiri Shaktippetam is a spiritual organization, which enhance peace and harmony across the globe and elevates its devotees from a sense of false materialism to pure spiritualism throughout its special endeavors. It is located in Orappam village which is 7 kilo meters away from Krishnagiri, and it was founded by his holiness Sri Vasanth Gurdevji.

Hanuman Theertham

This place is located on the bank of Pennayar which 10 kilo meters away from Uthangarai and traditionally related with Theerthamalai. It is assumed that Lord Hanuman who was instructed by Lord Rama to obtain the water from the Ganges for his penance at Theerthamalai which he could not do it in time. So Rama was told to have done Asthrapryogam and got it. After that Hanuman was told to have thrown down the yacht in which he brings the holy water and this spilled water is believed to be the Hanuman Thirtham. This water is considered holy during the Tamil month of Aadi (July to August).