Tourist places in Dindigul

Dindigul district is an administrative district in the south of Tamil Nadu, India. This district was bifurcated from Madurai District in the year 1985 for administrative purpose. It has 3 Revenue Divisions, 8 Taluks, and 14 Panchayat Unions. The district is surrounded by the Erode, Karur, Trichy and Tirupur, Theni, Coimbatore and Madurai. According to 2011 Census it had a population of 21,59,775 with a gender-ratio of 998 females for every 1,000 males. The average literacy rate of the city was 81.69%. Dindigul is very famous for lockers, it is well known for its lockers all over the globe.


The Humongous Hill at Dindigul, if we observe it from one point of view, looks similar to Pillow ('Dhindu') and therefore the City is recognized as Dindigul. It has altitude of 280 feet. In the year 1605 Madurai King 'Muthu Krishna Naicker' started the construction of this Fort. In the year 1623 to 1659 Mannar Thirumalai Naicker finished this. In the year 1755 Hyder Ali was guarding Fakhr-Un-Nisha his wife and Five years old Tipu to Dindigul. In the year 1784 to 1790 the Fort was under the regime of 'Tipu Sultan'. In the year 1784, the Tipu's chief officer Syed Ibrahim, under whose heed the Fort was, built many rooms in the Fort, strengthened the ramparts and also got repaired.

Begambur Big Mosque

During the regime of Hyder Ali at Dindigul,he have been built three Mosques-One for himself for Namaz,second mosque for his warriors below Rock Fort and third mosque in the south of Rock Fort for people and gave more funds for the protection and maintain of the same. In Hijri 1187 (1766 A.D) Ameer-un-Nisha Begum, the wife of Killedar MirRiza Ali khan and the younger sister of Hyder Ali Bahadur, was quiet and buried in the Begambur Mosque complex itself. A burial place was constructed on it. In reminiscence of the Royal lady this part of Dindigul is called as Begambur.

Sirumalai-Hill Resort

It is located on the way to Natham from Dindigul. You can be reached from Madurai also.

Thadikombu-Perumal Temple

This is 5 KMs away from Dindigul that is on the way to Karur.In Chitra Month,Lord Alagar will have 12 days of unique Poojas.During Full moon day of the month Lord Alagar will be on convoy of Ethir Servai.

Shri Kottai Mariamman Kovil

Sri Kottai Mariamman temple is more than 200 years old. The Mariamman idol is said to be established by the military men of Tippu Sultan at the mount fort. Hence it is known as Kottai (Fort) Mariamman temple. The temple is constructed like the design of square. Here, there is a temple for Vetri Vinayagar at the South & Lord Murugan at the North side of this temple. Here, there is a Mandapam (Hall) in the basilica of the ground in which there is a statuette of a Lion in front of the Sannidhi. The temple is located in a large area as 2 acres. The golden shield will adorn the deity on every day between 5 PM to 9 PM. This temple is operated by a board of Trustees.

Abirami Amman Temple

This is situated in the centre of the city. In Navarathri Goddess Abirami will be on Kolu. Here, there will be One Lakh Archana to the Goddess Gnamambikal. During the Fridays of Adi month there will be a convoy of Goddess Abirami on a blossom Pallak.

St.Joseph Church(100 years old)

St. Joseph Church was constructed in the year 1866 to 1872 by British. This is the home Church of all other Roman Catholic Churches in Dindigul District. This is one of the famous churches in Tamil Nadu.

Nadupatti-Anjaneyar Temple

This is situated in Nilakottai Taluk which is 35 KMs away from Dindigul.It is located on river side.Interesting thing is many of the times the idol will be in river.

Palani Sri Murugan Temple

Palani Hill Temple and the statue "Lord Murugan" is the deity of the Tamil Land. Palani (Tiru Avinankudi) is the third Padai Veedu. The temple at Palani is a very old one, located at an altitude of 1500 feet over sea level. It is a delightful site from anywhere one can take a look at the, Kodaikanal Hills, Idumban Hill, and the Western Ghats, the greenery of the paddy fields, tanks, rivers, Palani town and the colleges. On a beautiful, plain and nebulous-free day, the Kurinji Andavar Temple is seen from here against the vivid Sun. The deity of Palani hill is called as Dandayudhapani Swami, the Lord having the Staff in his Hand. The deity at the sanctum sanctorum is made out of a mixture of nine minerals popularly called Navabashana. Here, the deity is in a standing pose with a truncheon in his hand. He has the look of a person who has renounced all experienced spectacle and he has just a loincloth besides the truncheon. He is a silent messenger of the great principle 'Renounce all to reach me'. The icon is exclusive in the entire world. It was made by sithar Bhogar by combining nine venomous substances (Navabashana). Murugan signifies beauty and Lord Murugan of Kurinji land is the god of Beauty and Youth. Palani has been described in the Tamil Sangam Literature as "Podhini", which came to be called as "Palani”.


Kodaikanal has numerous charming and lovely natural attractions which are exultant by its visitors and create it an admired dreamy destination for newlyweds. Here, we have to see important tourist places in kodaikanal and They are given below It is an artificial lake; approximately it has 45 hectors of size (60 acres) lake constructed in the year 1863. It is described as Kodaikanal's most famous geographic landmark and vacationer magnetism. Boats and pedals can be rented at the Kodaikanal Boat Club. Horses and bicycles can be rented alongside the pond for tiny periods. The 5 kilometers path that skirts the border of this lovely lake is a preferred walk for the local peoples and tourist peoples.

Bryant Park

It is located just east of the lake and 500 meters away from the bus stand, it is wonderfully maintained 20.5 acre botanical garden. This park was planned and construct in the year 1908 by a renowned forest officer from Madurai, H.D.Bryant, and named gone him. Here, there are 325 species of trees, shrubs and cacti; the park is a colorful of stunning and exquisite flowers during the peak season of every year. A huge section is allotted to approximately 740 varieties of roses. Here, there are 1857 Eucalyptus trees and a Bodhi trees which adds a spiritual importance to the park. Here, Decorative plants are cultivated in a nursery for trade. The park also organizes horticultural exhibitions and flower shows each summer, to correspond with the peak season. Here, the entrance fee is very nominal and this park is opened for entire year.

Coaker’s Walk

It is located 500 meters away from the bus-stand, built by Lt.Coaker in the year 1872, is a one Kilometer paved walker path running beside the border of vertical slopes on the southern surface of Kodai. This walk, twisting around Mount Nebo, starts in face of the Van Allen hospital, running equivalent to the Van Allen Hospital Road and links the main road beside St.Peter's Church, giving a exquisite panoramic view of the plains. On a plain day one can view as far as Dolphin's Nose in the south, the basin of the Pambar River in the southeast, Periyakulam town and even one can see the city of Madurai.

Green Valley View

It is previously called as Suicide Point which is 5.5 kilometers away from the bus-stand and near the golf course, has an outstanding panoramic view of the naturals and a absolute dive of 1,500 meters one can see the Vaigai Dam to the south.

Pine forests

In the year 1906, with a sight to rising precious timber, Mr. Bryant started the Kodaikanal pine plantations in the south-west of Kodaikanal.

Shenbaganur Museum

It is located 6 kilometers away from the bus-stand, established in the year 1895, is open to the public peoples, except Tuesdays for screening their stunning decorative collection of more than 500 species of birds, animals & insects and a living group of over 300 foreign orchid species. The museum is associated with Loyola College in Chennai and shows artifacts of the antique Palaiyar tribe’s people whose offspring is still alive in these hills.

Kodaikanal Solar Observatory

It is located 6 KMs away from the bus-stand on Observatory Road, at 7,687 feet is the highest site near Kodai. The first observations were started here in 1901. The Former Director John Evershed exposed the occurrence of radial movement in sunspots, now called as the Evershed effect. The Kodaikanal Terrestrial Telescope can view an impressive scene including: Sothupparai Dam, Vaigai Dam, Periyakulam and Varaha river. The Indian Institute of Astrophysics facility has a complete Astronomical Science museum with prepared civic tours, admission to the astronomy library, and listed night-time telescopic sky screening. It is open every day to the public peoples during the peak season, and little hours every Friday the rest of the year.

Pillar Rocks

It is located 8 kilometers away from the bus-stand, is a place of three massive astound pillars which situate 122 meters that is 400 feet height. It is administered by the Tamil Nadu Forest Department; the viewpoint can be teeming but is not commercialized. There is an excellent public garden neighboring to the viewpoint.

Guna caves

Guna cave is very popular by the Tamil movie Guna, before called Devil’s Kitchen, are profound bat-infested chambers between the three enormous boulders that are the Pillar Rocks. The deep thin ravines of the caves are now clogged to public due to the disastrous deaths of twelve youths there. These hazardous caves are highly guarded now, and tourists can see sections of the cave system from far away.

Silver Cascade

It is located 8 KMs away from Kodaikanal at a broad bend in the extensive and winding Laws Ghats Road, at elevation of 1,800 meters, is a 55-metre waterfall formed from the outpouring of Kodaikanal Lake. This water quality is not good enough for bathing. This attractive waterfall is an admired end for first-time visitors. Here, there are a few reminder and fruit sellers and many monkeys here.

Dolphin's Nose

It is situated 8 kilometers away from the bus stand, is smooth rock prophetic over an awe-inspiring gorge 6,600 feet deep. It is an uninterrupted area 1 kilometer down a very sheer rocky track opening soon after Pambar Bridge. Orange juice sellers next to the trail offer a welcome rest end. Stunning views of vertical rocky escarpments growing from the plains can be seen. The ancient village of Vellagavi can be reached through a rocky bristle trail here.

Kurinji Andavar Murugan temple

It is located 4 KMs away from the bus-stand, is well-known for its Kurinji flower which blossoms in the region only once every 12 years. The presiding deity here is called Sri Kurinji Easwaran, which is Lord Murga. This temple was built in the year 1936 by a European lady, who on coming to Ceylon, rehabilitated to Hinduism. She altered her name to Leelavathi and married Mr.Ponnambalam Ramanathan. She is also recognized as Lady Ramanathan. This temple was handed over to Arulmigu Thandayuthapani Swamy Thiru Kovil, Palani.

Berijam Lake

It is a calm lake bounded by exciting nature at a distance of around 20 KMs away from Kodaikanal. Here, boating is banned as the lake is a resource of water for villages. Forest department authorization is required and limited numbers of fleets are permissible to enter the forest area where the lake is located. Admission is limited into the Berijam Lake area to between 9.30 A.M. and 3 P.M. Deer, Bison, Panthers and snakes are frequently spotted in this region. The fire tower, Silent Valley, Medicine Forest, and Lake View are other famous attractions around the lake. Psilocybin mushrooms which create hallucinogenic effects when consumed and other toxic mushrooms rise around Berijam. Here, medicine Forest has a certain types of trees whose smell is assumed to be having hallucinogenic effects. In order to enter the Berijam Lake authorization must be obtained from the Forest Department. Typically they give permission around 8 A.M. all day excluding on Tuesdays. They also give permission to about 80 to 100 fleets per day and collect the admission fee of around Rs.150 depending upon the fleet.