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Senior citizens of chennai queue up to collect free bus concession tokens

Feb 23 2016

Hundreds of elderlies were waiting to get their monthly passes to travel in buses operated by the Metropolitan Transport Corporation (MTC) for free. The scheme to give ten tickets came into effect on Wednesday. Since Saturday, tokens were given to 22,500 people. Serpentine queues were seen in several bus depots as people wanted to make use of the new offer.

Driving safely in City Roads:Wear Helmets at Coimbatore

Feb 23 2016

Anyone who decides to ride a bicycle or motorcycle must consider that wearing of helmets is the most effective strategy for preventing injuries from a crash or fall. It is very evident that riders is very vulnerable in crashing or falling even how knowledgeable and alert a rider he is. However, statistics will show that, despite repeated warnings and terrible stories about motorcycle and bicycle accidents; most people still do not see the necessity and safety of wearing helmets.