Tourist places in Namakkal

Namakkal District is one of the administrative district of South Indian states of Tamil Nadu, India. The district was spitted from Salem District and become Namakkal district on 25-07-1996 and started to function independently from 01-01-1997. Headquarter of the district is Namakkal town. It has 4 taluks. Subdivisions are Tiruchengode, Namakkal, Velur, Rasipuram and Kolli hills. It is very happy to say the district was ranked second in a comprehensive Economic environment index ranking of districts in Tamil Nadu excluding Chennai and prepared by Institute for Financial Management and Research in August 2009. The Namakkal district had a population of 17,26,601 with a gender ratio of 986 females for every 1,000 males. The average literacy rate of the town was 82.52%, average literacy rate of the district was 68.12%. It is captivates many tourists in domestic as well as global. The following are the most popular tourist places in Namakkal.

Anjaneyar Temple

Anjaneya temple is located at the right opposite of Lord Narasimha temple. The height of the idol is 13 feet which is situated such a manner that the face of the Lord Anjaneya is directing to Lord Narasimha.

Thathagiri Murugan Temple

Thathagiri Murugan Temple is situated 10 KMs away from Namakkal on the way to Muthugapatty. It is built on a small hillock. It is said that Saint Kirupanandha Variyar frequently visited this temple to find peace and calmness (tranquillity).

Kolli Hills

It is a small mountain which is located in the central Tamil Nadu in India.It is situated in the Eastern Namakkal, Tamil Nadu. This hill covers an area about 280 Km2. It has 72 hair pen bends to reach top of the hills. It is a part of the Eastern Ghats. Here the adventure is not advisable because name itself it has meaning, ‘Kolli’ which means ‘Kill’. So, it is called ‘Mountains of Death’. But it has excellent view points, natural resources, and tourist spots. It has pleasant cool climate. The temperature never rises above 30 Degree Celsius and not falls below 13 Degree Celsius. So, this hill visited a whole year by tourists. Famous tourist spots at Kolli Hills Following are the most famous tourist spots in Kolli Hills. They are given below 1) Agaya Gangai Waterfalls 2) Siddhar caves (very famous) 3) Mini Falls 4) Arappaleeswar Temple 5) Ettukai Amman Temple 6) Masi Periyasamy Temple and falls 7) Selur View Point 8) Boat House 9) Botanical Garden 10) Seekuparai viewpoint 11) Sandana Parai 12) German swami's ashram 13) Puranikadu Sat Dharma sangam ashram

Aakasha Ganga Water Falls

This waterfall is actually like the Ganges River from the sky. Because all persons who are visited this sport shall not deny this truth. It is flows down from a height of 300 feet. Here, bathing is allowed. But don’t use shampoo or soap in this waterfall (avoid degradation of nature). In order to reach this waterfall, we have to climb down nearly 1,100 steps. These steps and route are well maintained by the forest officials. So you can enjoy more and more in this falls. Happy journey…!

Arapaleeswarar Temple

Arapaleeswarar temple is dedicated to Lord Siva. It belonging to 2nd century and was said to be built by Valvil Oori King. Here, we can find some stone inscriptions. This is very exquisite. It is one of among 275 temples in Tamil called “Paadal Petra Stalams”, glorified by the hymns of Nayanmars.

Maasila Waterfalls

This waterfall is comparatively a small and the height is quite lesser. Here, there is a small trail, so you can walk to reach this spot. Bathing is allowed here.

Kolli Pavai Temple

Kolli Pavai temple is very small and it is dedicated to goddess of the Kolli forest called as Kolli Pavai. She is the protector of the Kolli hills.

Seekuparai and Selurnadu viewpoints

Here, these two viewpoints are very charming and give steep breathtaking views on the nearby valleys. These viewpoints are well connected by roads.

Vaasalurpatti Boating

Vaasalurpatti boathouse is an essential tourist spot in Kollimalai. Here, the lake is small and there is a natural land mass in center of the lake. Here a small park has been developed. Here there are 4 to 5 pedaling boats are accessible for tourists to have a travel in this small lake. It is located Solakkadu to Thinnanurpatty road in Kolli hills.

Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden is located in Kolli hills, maintained by Tamil Nadu Government, India. It has many species like floral, herbal and many varieties of hybrid plants. In order to grow hybrid plants, there is a research centre functioned at here. Another interesting this small park is located near Botanical garden for children. Here there is a cottage which is designed by Japanese style.

Naina Malai

It is located 10 KMs away from Namakkal. On the top of the hill there is a temple which dedicated to Swami Venkatajalapathi. Devotees visit the temple, mostly on Saturday in the month of September to October. You can reach the top hill by a flight of more than 2,500 steps.

Ardhanatheeswarar Temple

It is one of the famous attractions of this region. It is located at Tiruchengode. Ardhanareeshwarar temple is situated at the top of the hillock at an altitude of 900 meter. There is a myth behind this temple, as Lord Shiva gave his left half to his wife so they remain jointly always. So, the goddess is known by the name of Ardhanari (half female).

Namakkal fort

Namakkal rock fort is located at the top of the hill at an elevation of 75 meters. Within the fort there is a Hindu temple and mosque that attract millions of devotees. The procession around the hillock is called as Girivalam, it is very famous. The devotees come to look for blessing at this place.

Narashimar Temple

Narashimar temple is one of the very famous and ancient temples which is located at the foothills. This is a place where Narashimha is carved out from the rock. Devotees come here to get the blessings of lord Narasimhar. The Amman temple, Kamalalayam tank is located very close to foothills.