Tourist places in Dharmapuri

Tourism in Dharmapuri district is a greatest expanding industry and this located in the North Western corner of Tamil Nadu and it is surrounded by Villupuram and Thiruvannamali districts on the east, Krishnagiri District on the north Salem Districts on the South and Kaveri River on the West. The total area of this district is 449.77 sq Km, i.e. 3.46% of Tamil Nadu.

Vaniyar Dam

Vaniyar dam is located in Pappireddipatti talk of Dharmapuri district. It is built across the Vaniyar river with storage depth of 65ft. The dam receives the water during the monsoon season and reaches the maximum level during Oct - Nov. Nearly Ten thousands of acres of cultivation land is irrigated through the water supplied from canals. One can trek from there into Shevaroys forest to reach the Yercaud. The road has two to three hair pin bends and more importantly the area is covered thick with bamboo trees


It is located on the border of Karnataka state, and 46 km away from Dharmapuri. Kaveri, it is one of the major rivers of India and a constant river of South India it also makes the soil fertile. The river plays vital role in making the states of Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka prosperous. Kudagu is a place in Karnataka is where the Kaveri originates as a small stream. The name Hogenakkal is derived from Kannada. It means smoky rocks. The water always makes a continuous thundering sound. This water spread a miles around. Here the boat ride also permitted. But the safety is very important. Here many places falls descends as far as 20 meters. It is fully surrounded by hills at various heights. It is most visited in every year.


Theerthamalai is the very popular pilgrim centre and it is 16 km away from Harur in Dharmapuri district. It is very popular in public. Here there is a Lord Sivan temple located on the mountain. According t legend it was here that Lord Rama worshipped Lord Shiva to forgive himself of the sin of having killed numerous demons in the war against Rayana. Hence there is a belief that a holy dip in the war against Rayana. Here theertham is very famous and it is considered to be holy water.

Vathalmalai Hills

It is a village in Dharmapuri district in Tamil Nadu having an area of 225 km. There are several floras and fauna of Vathalmalai was disappeared due to severe habitat disintegration ensuing from the formation of the plantations. Here, some of the species continue to survive and thrive in several protected areas nearby, include Sheverayan Hills.