Tourist places in Villupuram

Villupuram is the largest district of Tamil Nadu. It serves as a major railway junction, and National Highway 45 passes through it. Villupuram has variety of tourist places which is more than 100 years old. Villupuram has temples, masques and churches which is very ancient and famous. We are welcoming you to visit Villupuram tourist places.

Gingee Fort

Gingee fort is located on the Thindivanam to Thiruvannamali road about 25 kilo meters.It has longest history. It is a huge rampart 60 feet thick.It is 800 years old fort and it changed many hands before the annexure to the Vijayanagara Empire. Around this fort there will be a good climate in evening.

Kalyana Mahal

It also consist one Kalyana Mahal designed like Indo-Islamic style,It’s most attractive but now it ruins stage.

Wooden Bridge–Top of Rajagiri Fort

Watch tower–Top of the Rajagiri fort

Hanumaan Temple and Sat-At-Ullah Khan Mosque

Outside the lower fort, there will be a Hanuman temple, which is very famous.
The mosque is located the entrance of Rajagiri fort near Gingee fort. The mosque assumed to constructed in the year 1717 - 1718 A.D

Kamalakanni amman temple

This small temple dedicated to Kamalakkani Amman (Goddess Durga), located in way to Rajagiri Hill near Gingee fort. It is a well preserved mural paintings belonging to the Nayak period

Nandieswarar – Thiruvamathur Temple

It is one of the ancient Chola temples which located in the way of Rajagiri for nearer to Gingee fort. This is 1500 years ancient temple.
This temple dedicated to lord Nagamman. It belongs to 1450 years old. Here there are so many temples are found.

Esalam Temple-Brahma

Built by Rajendra Cholan I (1012) lord Sri Ramanatha Eswarar.


Shatru Malleswaralayam – Rock cut temple built by the Pallava King Mahendra Varman (B.C.580 to 630). Tamil and Sanskrit inscriptions are found here.

Pachchaiamman Temple

It was worshipped by chittars, 7 jadamuni shapes very huge pachaimalai is in the back side. Here there will be medicine plants are found. Theses medicine cannot find even Kollimalai hills.

Pattabiramar Temple(1540-1550) - Unjal Mandapam

24 Theerthangarargal

It is located 2 kilo meters away from north of Gingee town. It belongs to 9th century.

Angala Parameswari - Melmalayanur

This temple is very famous which is located 32 kilo meters away from Gingee. Here the festival happens in every year February-March.

Singavaram Temple

This temple was dedicated to Lord Ranganatha, the idol of lord Ranganatha is in reclining posture, measures 21 feet.

Venkataramana Temple

It is largest temple in Gingee. Here, there are many Tamil

Krishnagiri Fort

It is a small hill made up of granite boulders, which is located north of Rajagiri on the main road from Gingee to Thiruvannamali.

Melnaariyappanoor Church

It is a 100 years old famous church located in Chennai to Salem highway and 8 km away from Chinna Salem. It is constructed by the Kunchaan, a devotee of St. Anthoniyar.


A famous ancient temple located 20 km away from Villupuram and 17 km away from Gingee.

Mel Chittamur

Which is situated 20 km away from Thindivanam and 10 km from east of Gingee. Here, there are two temples, one dedicated to Parsvanatha. It is also know as ‘Mailanatha temple’. It is constructed in the year 9th century AD, rebuilt in the 16th century and renovated in the present century.


It is located 16 km away from northwest of Ulundurpet and 21 km east of Thirukoilur. This temple dedicated to Parsvanatha and Chanraprapha. It is served as the monastery of the monks of Virasangha in the 8th and 9th century A.D.

Auroville–An International Township

This town was encouraged by the Government of India, and endorsed by UNESCO. It is located across the Puducherry border in Tamil Nadu. It represent an experiment for international living, it was started in the year 1968 by Mother of the Sri Aurovinda Ashram. This inaugural function attended by representatives of 124 nations and all the State of India. Now, it is in the initial stage of development by Matri mandir. Here, the central building aimed for silent concentration, is now functional, also have many facilities, such as Visitors Centre, Town Hall etc. Here 2000 Auroville residents from 40 countries live in 100 plus scattered settlements spread approximately the countryside. The intention of this project is achievement of an actual human unity in diversity, now approaches to education, health care, alternative energy usage, environmental renewal, and sustainable living in general. It is popularly called as ‘City of Dawn’.


It is located on the Cuddalore – Chittoor trunk road and 37 km away from Villupuram. Here, there is a Vishnu temple called Ulagalanda Perumal (Thiruvikrama Swamy) and Pushpavallithayar. Thirukoilur is located in the middle of the river Pennayar. It is a last residing place of Kabilar, and it is maintained by the state of Archaeological Department.

Kalrayan Hills

This hill is a part of Eastern Ghats, lies between the Kallakurichi Taluk. Area of the hill is 600 sq km in an approximate value. Height is 1000 feet to 3800 feet from the sea level. This hill has longest history. This is a place for trekkers. It is also known as ‘Poor man’s hill station’ of Tamil Nadu. In every year district administration is conducting the Summer Festival to create the awareness among the tribes.

Marakanam Beach

It is located 22 km away from Puducherry across East Coast Road in Vanur Taluk. The salty field is very well-known in this beach.

Mayilam–Arulmigu Subramaniya Swamy Temple

It is located small hillock at Mayilam is a famous place for pilgrims. It is 32 km away from Villupuram on the Pondicherry – Thindivanam road. Here there will be a Panguni Uthiram festival held in March to April. In this festival there will be a congregation of devotes from all over Tamil Nadu.


It is a geological park which is located 40 km away from Villupuram and 25 km from Pondicherry. Here large numbers of fossils are found here. Here, there will be a temple for Lord Siva constructed by the famous Chola queen Sembiyan Madheviyar.


It is located 20 km away from Villupuram on the Thirukoilur road. It is a birth place of Sadayappar, the patron of Kampar (Kampar is the greatest Tamil poet and author of the Tamil Epic Kambaramayanam). It is one of the ancient temples dedicated to Lord Siva.