Tourist places in Madurai

Madurai district is second biggest in population thirty-two districts of the state of Tamil Nadu, in southeastern India. Madurai city is the capital of Madurai. It is one of the ancient cities in the world. It houses the world renowned Sri Meenakshi Sundareswarar temple and is located on the banks of the river Vaigai. Thiruparankundram is one of the major tourist places in the district. According to 2011 census, population of the district was 30, 38,252 with a gender-ratio of 990 females for every 1,000 males. The largest towns of Madurai are Melur, Avaniapuram, Thirumangalam and Usilampatti. The average literacy rate of the city was 81.95% and average literacy rate of the district is 74.83% (2011 Indian Census). Madurai is well connected by Air, Road, and railway. Madurai International airport is situated 12 KMs away from the city. Madurai is popularly called as "Temple City". Madurai has some wonderful renowed tourist places which is very famous all over the globe. Let's see some important tourist places one by one.

Sri Meenakshi - Sundareswarar Temple

The great landmark of the Madurai is Meenakshi Sundareswarar twin Temple, the turn around which the city has developed. The Meenakshi Temple complex is entirely a city - one of the biggest and largest of its kind in India and unquestionably one of the very ancient too. This temple grew with the contribution of each Empire and winning monarchs, into a humongous complex expanding over a region of 65,000 Square Meter. This holy place first came in to being 2000 years before and was considerably expanded throughout the regime of Thirumalai Nayak (In the year 1623-55 AD). Lord Siva in his manifestation as Sundareswarar and his fish-eyed consort, Meenakshi, are enshrined in this holy temple.

Here, there are four immense gateways which enclosing two shrines. Even a casual visitor is captivated by the many paintings and statues. Here, there is a golden lotus which is located center of the Theppakulam. A special feature of the temple is that, astonishing structure called as “Ayiramkaal Mandapam” or the Hall of Thousand Pillars and each pillar characterized high, elaborate, bold statues. The specialty of the pillar is if you view from any angle these pillars appear to be in a straight line, one of the exquisite architectural masterpieces. In the outermost halls are situated the matchless musical pillars engraved out of stones. If you tapped these pillars, each pillar makes different musical note. It’s incredible..!

Thirumalai Nayak Palace

It is located 1.5 KMs away from the Meenakshi temple, this palace was constructed in the year 1636 by the ruler whose name it bears. The imposing structure is well-known for the “Stuccowork” on its domes and inspiring arches. The Sorgavilasam (Celestial Pavilion), measuring 75m x 52m, constructed completely of brick and mortar without the help of a single rafter or girder, is a miracle of indo-Saracenic architectural style. The other outstanding dimensions of the palace are the enormous white pillars, numerous of which line the corridor that runs along the square. It is connected by high adorned arches, these pillars measure 20 meters in height and have a perimeter of 4 meters. Somewhere else, there are elegant black stone pillars of unreliable heights. It was King Thirumalai Nayaks grandson who destroyed much of the well structure and removed the majority of the jewels and woodcarvings in order to construct his own palace in Tiruchirappalli. But, his dream never came factual. The entrance fees of the Palace is for Adults Rs. 10/- and for Children Rs.5/-

Thiruparankundram Temple

It is situated 8 KMs away from South of Madurai Railway Junction. It is one of the six abodes of Lord Subramaniya (Murugan). Its inmost shrine is cut out of a hard rock. It has beautiful architectural design and one of the oldest temples in Tamil Nadu. In this temple there are several architectural features has been found, especially the rock cut portions of this hill temple dating back to the Pandya period and the life sized sculptures in the Mandapams of the Nayakar period. An Aasthaana Mandapams with numerous artistically carved pillars lead one to the towering 150 feet (46 m) high Rajagopuram at the entrance. The Kambathadi Mandapam, Ardha Mandapam, and Mahamandapam are located at different levels. The main shrine is an early rock cut temple which has cells that house the sanctums of Subramanya, Durga, Vinayakar, Shiva and Vishnu.

Alagar Koil

It is located 21 KMs away from the North East of Madurai, stands a famous Vishnu Temple devoted to Lord Alagar. This temple is located on hill and has exquisite panoramic view surroundings. This shrine is known as Alagar koil and the hill is called as Solaimalai hill or Alagar Koil hill. The temple also holds some beautiful carvings and creates the visit pleasing. Every year during the Tamil month of Chithirai, Chithirai Thiruvizha (Chithirai festival) is celebrated. Chithirai Thiruvizha is about Meenakshi (Azhakar's Sister) Marriage and Azhakar itself. First 15 days event consist of Meenakshi and her marriage and next 15 days consist of about Azhakar. The main event is Kallazhakar Crossing the Vaigai River. For that event, millions of people gather in Vaigai River to see this event. While Kallazhakar enters the river he comes to know that his sister marriage has been ended already, he returns to Karuparayar Mandapam and then he takes ten avatharam then returns to Azhakar Kovil. This is one of the famous festival which is known for all over Tamil Nadu.


It is a Hindu temple which is located 16 KMs away from the north of Madurai. It is one of the six abodes of Lord Subramaniya (Murugan) is situated a top of the hill. It is close to the Vishnu temple of Alagar Kovil. It is said that, the real temple was Alagar temple, which was shifted now as Pazhamudirsolai in Thirumalai Naicker regime in Madurai. Pazhamudircholai is glorious in fruits, vegetables and flowers. It is a thick forest where Valli is fictional to have lived. It is a small temple with Valli, Deivayanai, and Lord Murugan in a separate shrine. Lord Ganesha is also present in a separate shrine. There is a Temple Tower and monkeys play around the area. There is another small temple above Pazhamudircholai. Local tribes lead their lives here. It is a luxuriant hill with many natural springs and herbs. Although there are hundreds of Temples in Tamil Nadu for Lord Murugan, particularly six temples called Arupadaiveedu are very well-known among them. Important events in Lord Muruga's history happened in these places. Among the Arupadaiveedu, Pazhamudircholai is the last. This Lord Murugan at Pazhamudircholai is acclaimed in old Tamil literature such as Silappathikaram, Ettuthokai and Pattupattu. Here, there are some waterfalls also flowing. This water is very chill and cool, and it has medicinal values cure many diseases.

Gandhi Museum

It is located in the old Palace of Rani Mangammal, the Gandhi Museum shows the highlights of the freedom struggle and consist an image gallery of the Gandhian movement. It also contains gallery of relics, Khadi and village industries section and South Indian Handicrafts section. Gandhi Memorial Museum, was established in the year 1959, and it is one of the memorial museum for Gandhi situated in the city of Madurai in Tamil Nadu, India. Known as Gandhi Museum, it is now one of the five Gandhi Sanghralayas (Gandhi Museums) in the country. It includes a part of the blood-stained garment damaged by Gandhi when he was assassinated by Nathuram Godse.

Mariamman Theppakulam

Mariamman Theppakulam is an exquisite square tank extend over a enormous area of almost 16 acres, situated about 5KMs away from the East of Meenakshi Temple. The tank is the sight of the beautiful and colorful float carnival held in January/February to commemorate the birth anniversary of King Thirumalai Nayak, who constructs this tank. The presiding deities of Meenakshi and Sundareswarar are positioned in a float, called “Teppam”, adorned with flowers and illuminated with thousands of lights. Here, this float is taken around the tank to the sound of traditional music. Here, on the Northern side of the tank a temple is devoted to Mariamman.

Saint Mary’s Cathedral

It is one of the ancient Roman Catholic churches in India; it was first constructed in the year 1840 although the current structure was built in 1916. Its architecture, featuring two high bell towers, blends a mixture of European and Continental styles. The cathedral is situated on East Veli Street in Madurai.

Samanar hills

Samanar Hills or Samanar Malai is a hill rock multifaceted situated in Keelakuyilkudi village, which is 15 KMs away from Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India. This hill has been declared as a protected monument by the Archaeological Survey of India. It is an exclusive spot in Madurai, It leaked in the prosperous history of South India. Here a small hillock, it is home to caves and carvings, which dates back to around 1st A.D. The carvings here are assumed to have been residence to Jain monks about 2000 years ago.

ISKCON Temple, Madurai

In Madurai another famous tourist spot is ISKCON temple series, visit this tranquil temple for an experience of Krishna devotion. You can lose yourself in the religious kirtans and lectures here, or just sit back and enjoy the atmosphere of purity and quiet divinity.