Tourist places in Coimbatore

Coimbatore is very famous city all over the globe because of trade. Coimbatore is the 3rd largest city in Tamil Nadu, with the population of more than 15 lakhs. Here, there are higher than 30,000 small, medium and large industries are located. The city is popular for entrepreneurship. Here, the climate is very comfortable in the whole year. Coimbatore is located on the banks of the river Noyyal. There are more than 25,000 textile mills are located. It is also famous for manufacturing of Motor pump sets. So, it’s popularly called as “Detroit of the South” and “Manchester of South India”. Coimbatore has been rated 4th among Indian cities in terms of investment climate by CII and rated 17th among the top international outsourcing cities by Tholons. Tourism is one of the growing sectors in Coimbatore District. Coimbatore has excellent tourist places, Parks, Museums, mountains, falls, etc. Let’s see important tourist places one by one.

Botancial Garden

It is administered by the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU). It was started in the year 1925. It spreads over 300 hectares and has many varieties of plants, flowers and trees. Greenish garden adorned with vibrant flowers and delightful plants confidently a surprise treat for our eyes. It is very important place for the people who loves gardening. Among noisy city, this is very quiet beautiful garden gives us a very tranquil and delightful experience. An agriculture museum inside Tamil Nadu Agricultural University is another significant spot to visit, which has many collections of minerals, pests, rocks and insects. Let’s enjoy…!

VOC Park and Zoo

It has amusement park and mini zoo, housing different forms of aquatic and animal life. It has some models of dinosaurs, Golf swing, a Toy Train and a safari. The park was named after renowned freedom fighter V.O. Chidambaram Pillai. According to census 2013, this park house has 890 animals including 335 birds, 106 mammals and 54 reptiles. It is managed by the Coimbatore city corporation. Here, there is a park, children play area and ground associated with the zoo. This park also has a toy train, Jurassic park and aquarium. Here, grounds are used for conducting fairs and events including the annual Independence Day and Republic day celebrations in Coimbatore. The park has over 200 species of trees including Sandalwood. So, this park one of the heaven for tourist. Don’t miss it..!

Gass Forest Museum

This is a museum for forestry, has established in the year 1902 by the conservator of forests, Horace Archibald Gass. It is a house of rare species of butterflies, birds, animals embalmed. It is located in forest department training centre, Cowley Brown road, between Tadagam and Mettupalayam link road. This museum was expanded in the year 1905 and 1915. In the year 1912, the Madras Forestry College (currently called as Tamil Nadu Forest Academy) was established in the museum grounds to train foresters. In the year 1942 to 1947, the museum was closed and the buildings used as shelters for World War II refugees from Malta and Greece. After Indian Independence in 1947, the museum came under the Government of Tamil Nadu. It is presently managed by the management of Institute for Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding (IFGTB), which is also located in the same campus as the museum. This museum was reopened for public on May 1, 2015 after carrying out renovation works. A 3D diorama portraying wildlife in its natural habitat has been added.

G.D. Naidu Museum

It has excellent collection of various scientific gadgets and devices. It has inventions of Gopalaswamy Doraiswamy Naidu. He is referred as “Edison of India”. You can also see the history of industrialization in Coimbatore. It opens 8 AM to 4.30 PM on all days except on Sundays. Here, the entrance is free. Actually, single visit to this museum would make you acquainted with the different types of film cameras, projection TV’s, ball point pens, floppy disks, calculators, type writers, PA systems, printers, and many more devices that were used right from 1930 to 1940, even till today.

Victoria Town Hall

It is a heritage building in Coimbatore city. It was constructed in 1882 in honor of Queen Victoria. It is an administrative building of Coimbatore Corporation. It has more than 3,000 Square feet. It was constructed in the year 18 with stone and lime mortar. It has more than 3,000 Sq. feet built up area. Another architecture marvelous is, it has a high ceiling, and timber trusses covered with Mangalore tiles for the tiling and paneled closes for the windows. The Coimbatore municipality gave the land and Rupees 3,000 for the construction of the hall and the rest of the amount needed was collective in by the Town Hall Committee.

Ancient Industrial Artifacts Museum

It is located in Nanjundapuram road. Here, old and new Stone Age is displayed. Priced collections include stone tools and gigantic burial urns also displayed. Here, coins, jewellery and shell bangles are displayed. Ancient Industrial Artifacts Museum is very well-known for housing many items which is related to the productive Kongu-Chola period. In fact, the Egyptians protect their things with them inside mummies similarly the People of Tamil Nadu too whispered in the element of rebirth after their death. So, they saved their possessions with their bodies in a large pot-shaped urns (in Tamil it is called Thaali).These are found in huge numbers in this museum. This museum also houses numerous old items which were exhumed from the areas like Poluvaampatti, Perur and Vellalur. This museum also conserves the old displayable slab made during some supremacy to display the orders issued by the King which was exhumed from the Udumalapet town in Tamil Nadu.

Kasthuri Srinivasan Art Gallery and Textile Museum

Kasthuri Srinivasan art gallery has so many collections which is very famous in Coimbatore. The Kasthuri Srinivasan art gallery and textile museum is situated on Avinashi Road (NH 47) which is 8 KMs away from Coimbatore Railway Station. This Culture Centre contains an Art Gallery, a Textile Museum, an Auditorium and a library. As you enter the Culture Centre through its main doors the Art Gallery is to your right and the Textile Museum on the left. There are many textile museums in foreign nations like, Europe and United States but most of them are zealous to one aspect of textile only, like clothing, fashion and design, technology, or garments. But, this museum is one of the few that attempts to give a complete and multi-faceted picture of the enlargement of textiles. It is the only one if it’s kind in India. So don’t forget to visit..!

Regional Science Center (Science Park)

It is spread over 6.71 acres (near to CODISSIA Trade Fair Complex). The Regional Science Centre at Coimbatore was industrialized by National Council of Science Museums with the vigorous funding of Tamil Nadu Science & Technology Centre (TNSTC), Government of Tamil Nadu, was devoted to the publics and gave over to the Govt. of Tamil Nadu on July 13, 2013, by Smt. Chandresh Kumari Katoch, Honorable Union Minister of Culture, Govt. of India. This Science Centre, with a erected up area of 4000 sq. meters, houses three perpetual colonnades, namely ‘Hall of Textile’, ‘How Things Work’ and ‘Fun Science’ and a temporary exhibition hall. It has 3D film show facility, Inflatable Dome Planetarium, air-conditioned Auditorium with audio-visual equipment, Science Demonstration corner, Children Activity corner, Library, Telescope for sky observation and other public facilities. If you visit this center you can feel more acquainted. Let’s go..!

Siruvani Waterfalls

Siruvani Water is world’s second sweetest water. Waterfalls and Siruvani Dam is situated 49 km away from Coimbatore city. In the year 1927, the dam was build. Here, there is reservoir built by Tamil Nadu Government The sugariness has been accredited to the flora and rocks through which the water flows through in the Attapady area. The Siruvani dam, situated in close to Kerala border and picturesque Attapady valley, has an interesting thing one should not miss it. The Government gave its authorization for construction of the `masonry gravity' dam in February 1915, work did not start instantaneously, if we connect the information from the Archaeology Department, Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage (TWAD) Board and the district gazette. The villagers of Boluvampatti and Alandurai was opposed the scheme, as they dreaded it would affect them. But after that they were convinced about the welfares of bringing Siruvani water to a town that was growing. Its excellent know..!

Vaideki Waterfalls

It is located suburbs of Coimbatore city about 35 kilo meters away from Coimbatore. Vaideki Falls is a waterfall which is located in the suburbs of Coimbatore city which is 35 Kilometers away from Coimbatore. Here, the nearest village is Narasipuram. This waterfall used to be called as "Tholayira Murthi Kandi", in Tamil Tholayiram stands for the number nine hundred, word Murthy has several interpretations, one is The Lord, another means Appearance. Kandi is the word for (water) fall. The waterfall originates the current name after the movie "Vaithegi Kathirunthal" by director R.Sundarrajan. The locality is now a prevalent tourist spot in the City of Coimbatore. But it is not well connected by transport facilities. Some days visitors are not allowed to enter the forest and falls due to disturbance from wild animals.

Sengupathi Falls and Monkey falls

It is situated 35 kilo meters away from Coimbatore. In Monkey waterfalls, there is an interesting trek path a linear bounce of evergreen forests encircled by rocky cliffs, is obtainable and regular guided treks are accompanied during approving season. Prior request should be given to the Tamil Nadu Forest Department headquarters at Pollachi before a fortnight. The Monkey falls is an outstanding roadside stop located 65 kilometres (40 mi) from Coimbatore and 29 kilometres from Pollachi on the Coimbatore - Pollachi - Valparai main road next to Arutperunjothi Nagar and Azhiyar Valparai Forest Department Check Post of IFS. Monkey Falls is a renowned and popular tourism spot. People ravelling in the area of Coimbatore or Pollachi will want to visit Monkey falls as it is an outstanding picturesque attraction. Monkey falls is a perfect place for little children and adults to take a bath. Here, entrance fee is rupees 20 to enter inside the falls locality.

Lakes in Coimbatore (There are 9 Lakes in Coimbatore)

  1. Valankulam Lake
  2. Krishanmpatti Lake
  3. Singanallur Lake
  4. Seevagasintamani Lake
  5. Kuruchi Lake
  6. Perur Lake
  7. Sulur Lake
  8. Ukkadam Periyakulam Lake
  9. Muthannan Lake

Indira Gandhi National Park (Anamalai National Park)

It is located in Anaimalai. It lies between the hills of Pollachi, Valparai and Udumalpet taluks of Coimbatore District and Tirupur district. The Sanctuary and Park is under consideration by UNESCO for World Heritage site. It has numerous species of animals, 250 species of birds and 315 species of butterflies. This park has a widespread variety of flora and fauna distinctive of the South Western Ghats. There are over 2000 species plants of which about 400 species are of major therapeutic value. The diverse landscape and rainfall incline permit a wide diversity of shrubbery including a mix of natural and man-made environments. The former includes wet evergreen forest and semi-evergreen forest, montane shola-grassland, moist deciduous, dry deciduous, thorn forests and marshes. Here, Tropical wet evergreen forest is found at an altitude of 600 meters to 1,600 meters.

Black Thunder Theme Park

It is Asia’s number one theme park, which is situated in Nilgiri hills, Mettupalayam taluk, Coimabtore District. The distance is 41 kilo meters away from Coimbatore. Here luxurious accommodations are available. There are forty deluxe rooms and suites in this place. Other facilities like multi cuisine restaurant, bar, café, Health club, Children play zone, corporate conference facilities, lush lawn etc.

Kovai Kondattam and Maharaja Theme Park

Kovai Kondattam is an amusement park situated at Siruvani main road, Kalampalyam. Maharaja theme park is a theme park with multiplex located at Neelambur, Avinashi road, NH47, Coimbatore. Kovai Kondattam in Coimbatore is an astonishing theme park for family and children. It is situated on the Perur to Siruvani main road and lies about 3 Kms from the Perur Pattesswarar temple. It has abundantly of water games for children in adding to a fine play park with lots of play things. Kids are sure to relish their visit to this park which provides them plenty facility to make merry and to have boundless fun. The things obtainable are dashing cars for small kids, wave pool for all, water dance, rock climbing etc.

Dhyanalinga Temple (Isha Yoga)

It is an exclusive yogic temple, and believes in spiritual essence of living. They only believe meditation and cater you with a tranquil and spiritual atmosphere in the center of dense forest, essentially at the foothills of Vellinagiri Mountains. The meditation is done in front of Thiyana linga which is world’s largest thiyana lingam. This temple is very famous in Mahashivarathri, Poornima and Amaavasai. Address of Isha Yoga Coimbatore is, Dhayana linga, Isha Yoga centre, Semmedu (Post), Coimbatore. Timings are 6 am to 8 pm (open on all days).

Vellaiyangiri Mountain

The Velliangiri Mountains is a part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, are located at the Western Ghats border of Coimbatore district, Tamil Nadu. Known as the "Thenkailayam which means “Kailas of the South", these mountains are detained and revered on par with spiritually most influential place on the planet - Mount Kailas, the fabled abode of Shiva. On the top of the Velliangiri Mountains, Shiva is worshipped as Swayambhu, one who is self-created and in this form, his elegances the devotees. It is located 30 KMs away from the west of Coimbatore. It is very famous for Pilgrimage.

Perur Pattesswarar temple

This temple has very significant historical importance. It was built by Raja Raja Chola. Patteeswarar is another name of lord “Siva”. It is situated 7 km away from the Noyyal River. Here the lingam is regarded as ‘Swayambu Lingam’ which is very famous all over the globe. This temple has numerous gopurams and halls, eminent of which is the one with the golden statue of Nataraja. The pillars have figurines of the various appearances of Shiva and the ceiling has a series of stone chains. Here, there is a Patti Vinayagar shrine, which is devoted to Ganesha. The Arasambalavanar Shrine devoted to Shiva at the spot where Shiva is alleged to have performed his Thandav under a peepal tree. There are also statues of Gajasamhara, Virabhadra, Bikshadana, Oordhva Thandava, and Saraswati with Veena. The sacred trees related with temple are the Palm and tamarind trees, called Irava Panai and Pirava Puli. This is very important temple for Pilgrimage.

Maruthamalai Murugan temple

This temple is dedicated to Tamil god Murugan, situated near Coimbatore 12 km away from the city. Here, there is a cave referred to as “Paambaatti Sithhar Kugai” dedicated to Sitthar who lived here. This temple is very famous for all over India. Numerous buses ply between Coimbatore and the foothills of Maruthamali, from where aficionadas board mini buses to reach the temple. Here, stone inscriptions has been found which dating back to the 12th Century contain words such as Marudhan and Marudhachalam, which reveal that the names were in fashion even then. Maruthamali thrives in medicinal herbs and the unpolluted air and serene atmosphere should make it a paradise for the health-conscious. The hill is scattered with small Mandapams for the devotees to relax on their way uphill. At the foothills, where the steps to the temple begin, is the Thaan Thondri Vinayagar Temple. The 18th step above the Vinayagar Temple is another important spot because those, who are unable to make it to Sabarimalai find praying at this place similarly rewarding.

Eachanari Vinayagar Temple

This temple dedicated to Hindu god Vinayagar, located 12 km away from Coimbatore. Idol of vinayaga is 5 feet hight and 3 feet diameter. The Moolavar of this temple is truly made for the fitting at Perur, Arulmighu Pattesswarar Temple and since the cart stentorian Moolavar hit down at this place from Madurai and Eachanari become the blessed place of Lord Vinayagar. Hence the Vinayagar in this place is called as “Eachanari Vinayagar”, one of the well-known Vinayagar of whole Tamilnadu. Lord Vinayagar is respected as the primary God of the Universe. He is worshipped as the chief of the Vedas he is the flame of wisdom. One of the famous Vinayagar Temple is one at Eachanari, which is situated on the Pollachi highway 9 Kms away from Coimbatore. So, this is one of the significant temple for Pilgrimage.

Other important temples

  1. Bannari Amman temple
  2. Bhavai temple
  3. Ashtamsa Varadha Anjaneyar temple
  4. Naga Sai Madir