Administration Of Thiruvarur

Thiruvarur is administered by the Municipal Corporation. It was announced as a third grade municipality in 1914 during British periods. Then, it was enhanced to a first grade municipality in the year 1978. Municipality has 30 wards and there is a separate councilor for each ward. It has seven revenue villages such as, Vilamal, Vijayaruram, Thiruvarur South, Thiruvarur North, Ramage, Keelakavadhukudi, Kidaramkondan and Sundaravilakam. The operations of the municipality are divided into six departments such as, General administration and Personnel, Revenue, Public Health, Engineering, Information Technology and Town planning. These departments are come under the control of Municipal Commissioner, who is the apex head. Thiruvarur has seven Taluks. Namely,
  1. Kudavasal
  2. Mannargudi
  3. Nannilam
  4. Needamangalam
  5. Thiruthuraipoondi
  6. Thiruvarur
  7. Valangaiman