Pori Urundai


Pori / Puffed rice : 3 ½ Cup
Jaggery : ½ Cup
Cardamom powder : A Pinch
Ghee : 1 teaspoon

Method of Preparation:

  1. First, you have to put jaggery in a bowl, add water and dissolve it well. Heat it up for 3 minutes. It should be melted. Now you can filter, so that you can remove impurities. Then add Cardamom powder in to it.
  2. Consistency check for melted jaggery: Keep a separate bowl ready filled with little water. Take a drop of jaggery syrup and put it in water, it should stand firm and not dissolve.
  3. Now put the Pori into Jaggery syrup, mix well so that Pori gets entirely coated with the jaggery syrup. If you like groundnuts you can add 2 teaspoon.
  4. By the time of stirring, the hotness would be hand tolerable. Grease your palms with ghee or oil and roll them into tight balls taking care not to break the Pori. Store in airtight container and eat healthy. Enjoy!