Nungu Paysam


Milk : 3 Cups
Agar agar / China grass : ½ tablespoon
Nannari Sharbat syrup : 3 tablespoons
Tutti frutti : 1 tablespoon Ice cream : 2 scoops

Method of Preparation:

  1. Chop or Cut Nungu / Ice Apple in to very small pieces. Then keep it aside. Soak cashew nuts in a little quantity of milk and grind to fine paste. Keep aside.
  2. Next, boil milk in middle flare till it condenses to half a liter. Let the milk cool to room temperature. Now, you have to add sugar, chopped Nungu pieces, cardamom powder and cashew paste. Mix fine so that the sugar gets liquefied completely.
  3. Next, keep in refrigerator and just before serving add tender coconut water and it flesh, in Tamil it is called Elaneer and Vazhukkai.
  4. Finally fry cashew nuts and raisins in ghee and when it turns golden brown, take away and add it to the Sakkarai Pongal. Now you can switch off the flame.
  5. You can prepare Nungu Payasam without tender coconut also, but if you add tender coconut it will be very tasty and the flavor will be very good. Now, very tasty Nungu Payasam is ready. Enjoy!