Sakkarai Pongal


Raw rice : ½ Kg
Paasi Paruppu (Moong dal) : 100 grams
Jaggery : 1 Kg
Raisin and Cashew nuts : 100 grams Ghee : 200 ml
Cardamom powder : ½ teaspoon

Method of Preparation:

  1. Dry Paasi Paruppu (Moong dal) for 3-4 minutes in low flame, It shout not be getting burnt. Just roast till the Paasi Paruppu became warm.
  2. Next, wash the raw rice and dal and cook this by adding 3 cups of water in a pot. Cook till smashed.
  3. Switch off the flame. Meanwhile add jaggery to a pan and add little amount of water (1/2 cup). When the jaggery melts filter the impurities and bring the jaggery golden syrup to boil again. Then add the jaggery syrup into the rice. Mix well and add ½ tablespoon Cardamom powder (optional). Then you have to add ghee.
  4. Finally fry cashew nuts and raisins in ghee and when it turns golden brown, take away and add it to the Sakkarai Pongal. Now you can switch off the flame.
  5. Now Sakkarai Pongal is ready for Neivedhyam. This Pongal based on temple style of TamilNadu. Now you can serve it on Banana leaf. The color of Sakkarai Pongal depends on the Jaggery. So, always use dark Jaggery. Now the ever delicious Pongal is ready.