Karaboondhi: 2 Cups
Omappodi: 2 Cups
Aval (Rice flakes): ½ Cup
Cashew nuts: ½ Cup
Gram dal: ½ Cup
Peanuts: ½ Cup
Mullu Murukku: ½ Cup
Roasted Curry leaf: 5 grams
Red chilli powder: 2 teaspoon
Roasted Garlic: 50 grams
Salt: According to your taste
Ghee: 4 teaspoon
Oil: For deep frying

Method of Preparation:

  1. First take big Kadaai and pour the oil into it. Then heat it well, now put Aval (Rice flakes) into oil, now you can see the Aval will instantly rise in the oil. It will be very crispy and crunchy now. After frying the Aval keep the fire low. Then put the fried Aval in separate cup.
  2. Then, now increase the flame, put Peanuts, Gram dal into oil. Then fry it well. Please note that, it should not be burned. It should be golden colour.
  3. Fry the Garlic and keep aside. Now take curry leaves and fry, keep aside.
  4. Now the work is almost done. Now take a separate pan, put Cashew nuts then fry in a golden colour, Now take a big bow, put all the fried ingredients, including Omappodi, Karaboondhi, Mullu murukku, then add required quantity of salt and Chili powder. Now mix well.
  5. Now the spicy, crispy mixture is ready. Mixture is very famous for evening snacks. Now you can serve with cup of coffee or tea. Enjoy…!