Meditation tips and procedures

Choose a convenient time

Meditation is very essential for today’s environment. It should be done fully at your convenience. Choose a time wisely. The hours of sunrise i.e. early morning (4 AM to 6 AM), and sunset (6 PM to 7 PM), while nature transitions between day and night, are also ideal for the practice of meditation.

Choose a calm place

The place of meditation is very important. It should be very calm. Just like a convenient time, choose a place where you not likely to be disturbed. Quiet and peaceful environment make the meditation experience more relaxing and enjoyable.

Sit in a relaxed posture

Your posture also makes a huge difference. Make sure you are not emotional, relaxed, steady and comfortable. First you have to sit straight with your spine erect. You always keep shoulders and neck relaxed, and the eyes should be closed throughout the process. You may choose Padmasana or Vajrasana for meditation, which is the best meditation posture.

Keep a relatively empty stomach

A good time to meditate is before having a food. After having the food you should not meditate, but you can meditate after 3 hours after having the meal. If you are hungry, you should not meditate, because hunger cramps you may even keep thinking about food.

Start with few warm-ups (yoga)

Sukshma yoga exercises or few warm-ups is recommended before sitting to meditate which will helps to improve your blood circulation, and it removes restlessness and makes your body feel lighter. So you can sit steadily for a longer time.

Take a few deep breaths

Before doing meditation you should take some deep breaths or Nadi Shoothi, or Pranayama is always a good idea. It leads the mind in to a peaceful.


Now, this is the stage of meditation. For beginners initially you should meditate atleast 10 to 15 minutes. During the meditation process you should not think anything; you should concentrate on your breath process i.e, inhale and exhale. This breath process should be natural. You can also extend your meditation time for more than hour.

Open your eyes gently and slowly

Now you come close to the end of the meditation process. Now, open your eyes gradually and take some time for an active. Now you can feel your mind will be tranquilize and very calm. Meditation is a life changing process.

Benefits of meditation

  1. Helps to improve your knowledge, skill
  2. Helps to know why are you here, what you are doing
  3. Helps to improve your memory
  4. You can become genius
  5. You can invent and discover many things
  6. Helps to take rational decision
  7. Helps to control anger
  8. Lowers you high blood pressure
  9. Helps to improves your immune system
  10. It will increase your enthusiastic level
  11. Improves your behavior and habits
  12. Helps to decrease tension, headaches, ulcers, muscle and joint problems, insomnia etc.
  13. Reducing anxiety
  14. Emotional stability improves
  15. Creativity and Innovation increases
  16. Helps to increase your happy
  17. You intuition will develops
  18. You can gain clarity and peace of mind
  19. You can achieve your goal very easily
  20. Helps to solve the problem