About Villupuram District

Villupuram is the largest district of Tamil Nadu. It serves as a major railway junction, and National Highway 45 passes through it. Here, agriculture is the main source of income. Literacy rate of this district is 75%.

History of Villupuram

Before segregation of Villupuram it is a part of Cuddalore District. In the year of 1993, 30th September it was bifurcated from Cuddalore and became a separate district. The Cholas were the early rulers. Among all the rulers Karikala Chola was the most legendary and great. For a short period, the Cholas were overwhelmed by Simha Vishnu Pallava and the kingdom came under the Pallava rule for short time. Again, Vijayalaya Chola revitalized Chola rule. After that, the Chola rulers were weak and the power conceded to the hands of Eastern Chalukyas.In the year of 1334 to 1378 A.D. there will be a Muslim domination in this place. By 1378 the kingdom cam under the rule of Vijayanagara Kingdom and Nayaks were approved as the rulers of the region. After the Anglo-French rivalry, the whole district was come under the control of East India Company till 1947.