About Vellore District

Vellore had been under the regime of Cholas, Uraiyur, Pallavas, and Rashtrakutas of Malkhed. The Sambuvarayar, who lived in the region of Melakadambur which referred in Ponniyin selvan the rulers of Vijayanagaram, Marathas, the Nawabs of the Carnatic and the British Empire. In the year of 1526 to 1595 the Vellore Fort was built in the Chinna Bommi Nayak period. It was considered as strong fort during the Carnatic war in the 17th Century. This district plays a vital role in freedom struggle. After the independence in 1947, Vellore became a part of Madras state. It is formerly part of North Arcot District, which was implemented by the British Empire in the 19th century and had head quarter of Chittoor. Again in the 1989 September 30 it was split into Thiruvanamalai. It has many historical places like Arcot nawab’s Tiruppathur war, Kailasagiri hill etc.

History of Vellore

In the year 1741, the Marathas were invading Tiruchirappalli and took control under Chanda Saheb. He was won in securing freedom in the year 1748 and frequently got involved in the popular war for the Nawabs place in the Carnatic against Anwardeen, the Nawab of Arcot and his son Mohammed Ali.Mohamed Ali reunited the two palayams of Ariyalur and Udyarpalayam situated within the current Ariyalur District on the grounds of default in payment of Tributes and disappointment to support him in quelling the revolt of Yusuf Khan. In the year November 1764, Mohamed Ali represented the issue to Madras Council and get military help on 3rd January 1765. This force was led by Umdat-Ul-Umara and Donald Campbell penetrated Ariyalur and captured it. The young Poligar with his followers, there upon ran to Udayarpalayam.

In the 19th of January, the military protest Udayarpalayam. Here, the Poligar’s troops were overwhelmed and the Palayams were occupied. The two poligars ran away from their town and took protection in Tharangampadi, then a Danish Settlement. The takeover of the Palayam gave the Navab un-disturbed possession of all his places extending Arcot to Tiruchirappalli. There is a power struggle between Hyder Ali and later Tippu Sultan with the British Empire. After the fatality of Tippu Sultan, the British took the social and army Administration of the Carnatic in the year 1801. In the year 1995 Trichy was trifurcated and the new Perambalur and new Karur districts were formed. So, the composite of Perambalur district came in to existence after trifurcation of Tiruchirappalli district with effect from 30.09.1995.