About Namakkal District

Namakkal District is one of the administrative district of South Indian states of Tamil Nadu, India. The district was spitted from Salem District and become Namakkal district on 25-07-1996 and started to function independently from 01-01-1997. Headquarter of the district is Namakkal town. It has 4 taluks. Subdivisions are Tiruchengode, Namakkal, Velur, Rasipuram and Kolli hills. It is very happy to say the district was ranked second in a comprehensive Economic environment index ranking of districts in Tamil Nadu excluding Chennai and prepared by Institute for Financial Management and Research in August 2009. The Namakkal district had a population of 17,26,601 with a gender ratio of 986 females for every 1,000 males. The average literacy rate of the town was 82.52%, average literacy rate of the district was 68.12%.

History of Namakkal

Namakkal is the ancient historic town mentioned back in the 7th century. The name Namakkal derived from Namagiri, which means there is a monolithic rock formation at the center of the town. Here, there are two cave temples are located that is, Adiyendra Visnugrha (Ranganatha swamy Temple) and Adiyanavaya Visnugrha (Narasimha swamy temple). This rock cut shrines were constructed by king Gunaseela of Adhiyaman clan successor. Because of his matrimony relations with Pallavas the temples were construct of Pallava Architectural style in the 7th century. Generally, Namakkal district is deemed to be a Vaishnava Kshetram, because there is no Sivan temple in the town until a few years ago. Here the rock is humongous, size of 65 meters high and more than a kilometer in boundary. Over the huge rock, there is a fort built by Ramachandra Nayakar, a small king who regime Namakkal in the 16th century. It is assumed that Tippu Sultan conceals himself in this fort for some time to escape from British.

This fort was not constructed by Tippu Sultan but he occupied long period of time. After that, the fort was encircled and captured by British Empire. Here the front side of the hill is known as thiru. Ve. Ka. Parrai and used by taxis stand. Mahatma Gandhi held a public meeting in the year 1933 in Namakkal district under the slope of the Namakkal rock. It is one of the few territories in Tamil Nadu that has not been severely affected by war and famine.If u takes ruling history, after the Cheras, Cholas and Pandays, the Hoysalas rose to rule and had the power till the 14th century followed by Vijayanagara Empire till 1565 AD. After that, the Madurai Nayakas came to rule in 1623 AD. In Salem area there are two poligans of Tirumalai Nayak are ruled, namely Ramachandra Nayaks and Gatti Mudaliars. Then, the territory was came under Muslim Sultans of Bijapur and Golkonda, Mysore Maharaja, next it was came under Marattas in the year 1750 AD Hyder Ali came to rule. In this period, there is a huge struggle between Hyder Ali, later Tippu Sultan with the British.