About Karur District

Karur District is situated beside the Kaveri and Amaravathi rivers in the Indian State of Tamil Nadu. Headquarter of the district is Karur city. The district had a population of 10,64,493 with a gender ratio of 1,015 females for every 1,000 males. Karur has significant government educational institutions, schools and colleges. The town is administered by a municipality established in the year 1874 as per Municipal Corporation Act. The average literacy rate of the district was 81.74% in 2011 Census.

History of Karur district

Karur is one of the ancient towns in Tamil Nadu and has played very important role in the history and traditions of the Tamils. The history of Karur dates back to the Tamil Sangam Period when it was a prosperous trade centre. Karur was constructed on the banks of river Amaravathi which was known as Aanporunai during the Tamil Sangam days. According to Hinduism, Brahma began the exertion of creation here, which is noted to as ‘the place of the holy cow’.

The evidence of Chola king rule have been found in rock inscriptions in Aaru Nattar Malai which is close to Karur. Another interesting thing is one of the Tamil epic Silapathikaram mentions that the popular Chera King Senguttuvan ruled from Karur. Here, the Archaeological, literary, and epigraphical evidence mentions that Karur was the capital of early Chera kings of Sangam age. It was identified as Karuvoor or Vanji during the Sangam days.

The archaeological exhume undertaken in Karur resulted in the exhume of mat-designed ceramic, bricks, mud-toys, Pallava coins, Chera conis, Roman coins, Roman Amphorae, Rasset coated ware and rare rings. Karur was the center for ancient jewellery-making and gem setting (the gold imported from Rome), as seen from various exhumes. In the year 150 CE, Greek scholar Ptolemy noted “Korevora” (Karur) as a very popular inland trading place in Tamil nadu.

So the land of Karur was ruled by Cheras, Gangas, Cholas, the Vijayanagara Nayaks, Tipu Sultan and the British respectively. The municipality of Karur was constituted in the year 1874. It was upgraded to 1st grade municipality, in the year 1988 it was upgraded into selection grade and in the year 1988 it was upgraded in to special grade municipality.