About Ramanathapuram District

Ramanathapuram District is a southern state of India. The city of Ramanathapuram is the district headquarters. The area of the district is 4123 km2. It is surrounded by Sivaganga District, Pudukkottai District, south by the Gulf of Mannar, on the west by Thoothukudi District, and on the northwest by Virudhunagar District. The district consists of Pamban Bridge which is very famous all over the globe. The population of the district is 13, 53,445. Gender ratio is 983 females for every 1,000 males. The average literacy rate of the district is 72.33% compared to the national average of 72.99%.

A Brief History Of Ramanathapuram District

During the 15th century, the current places of Ramanathapuram district, consisting taluks Tiruvadanai, Paramakudi, Kamuthi, Mudukulathur, Ramanathapuram and Rameswaram, were incorporated in Pandyas Empire. After that, this area was under the Kings when Rajendra Chola I brought it under his territory in 1063 AD.

Afterwards, in the year 1520 AD, the Nayaks of Vijayanagara Empire took over the territory under their control from the Pandyas dynasty for about two centuries. Next, the Marava chieftains-Sethupathis was control the region in the 17th century.

At the starting of 18th Century, family disputes among the empire paves the division of Ramanathapuram. Then, in the year 1730 AD, Sethupathy was deposed with the help of King of Thanjavur in the year 1730 AD. Then, local chieftains Palayakarars became independent. For that, Raja of Sivagangai and Sethupathy were important among them.

Then, the British and French supported the Chanda Sahib and Mohamed Ali. So it paves conflicts among southern part of the continent. In the year 1795, the British Empire deposed Muthuramalinga Sethupathy and took control of the district. In the year 1801, the Mangaleswari Nachiyar was became Zamindar of Sivagangai. After passing of Queen, Marudhu Brothers took the control of East India Company

In the year 1803 the Marudhu Brothers disputed against the British Empire with the collaboration of Kattabomman of Panchalamkurichi. After that, Colonel Agnew captured Marudhu brothers and hanged them. After that Gowri Vallbah Periya Udaya Thevar became Zamindar of Sivaganga. After demolish of Tippu Sultan, British Empire took control of this territory and imprisoned the Nawab. In the year 1892, the Zamindari system was abolished. After that, British Collector was appointed for administration. In the year 1910, Ramanathapuram was formed by some portions from Madurai and Tirunelveli District. MR. J.F. Bryant I.C.S was the first collector.

After that, the district was renamed as Ramanathapuram. But, in British period it was called “Ramnad”. This name continued after the independence also. Later this district was annexed Tamil Nadu and it is called as Ramanathapuram.