About Erode District

Erode District is one of the largest district by area in the Tamil Nadu, India before the formation of Tirupur District in the state. Headquarter of the district is Erode. Erode district is previously known as Periyar District. It is also a part of Kongu Nadu region. This district is divided into two revenue divisions such as Erode and Gobichettipalayam and it subdivided into 6 taluks. Erode district as a part of Coimbatore district before its bifurcation on September 17, 1979. According to the census 2011 the district had a population of 22,51,744 with a gender ratio of 993 females for every 1,000 males, above than the national average of 929. The average literacy rate of the district is 72.96% (As of 2011).

History of Erode district

In a primitive period this territory was ruled by Cheras, Cholas, and Pandyas. In first millennium it was came under the control of Cheras and many Karnataka rulers. In the 10th and 12th centuries the territory was one of the parts of the great Chola Empire. In the late 13th century the territory was became part of Vijayanagara Empire later it was came under Madurai Nayaks till 17th century. Under the rule of Madurai Nayaks, the Polygar system of administration was established, who were the Governors of the region. In the mid 17th century this territory was came under the part of Mysore Kingdom. But they were continuing the Polygar system of administration.

Here, Polygar chieftain Dheeran Chinnamalai was one of the governors of the territory, who gave a major part in the early Indian Independence in the Polygar wars against the British East India Company. After the Polygar and Mysore wars the area came under the control of British Empire until the Indian Independence in 1947. In the 1979 it was bifurcated from Coimbatore and government makes a separate district.