About Dharmapuri District

Dharmapuri is located in the North Western corner of Tamil Nadu and it is surrounded by Villupuram and Thiruvannamali districts on the east, Krishnagiri District on the north Salem Districts on the South and Kaveri River on the West. The total area of this district is 449.77 sq Km, i.e. 3.46% of Tamil Nadu.

History of Dharmapuri district

In Sangam era there is a chieftain called Tagadur who ruled this place. In the Sangam period, Adigaman Naduman Anji, whose patronage continued the famous Tamil poetess Avvaiyar. The region is assumed to have been ruled by the Pallava regime in the 18th century. In the starting of 9th century, the Rashtrakutas gained power and prejudiced the history of the district for the subsequently two centuries. The Rashtrakutas were overwhelmed by the Cholas, and immediately the district came under the Chola area of authority.

After that, Dharmapuri was a part of the Salem District. During the British rule in the nation and even till 1947 Dharmapuri was one of the Talukas of Salem District. In the year of 02/10/1965 Dharmapuri district was formed as separate district with its headquarters at Dharmapuri. Mr. G. Thirumal I.A.S was the first collector of Dharmapuri district.