About Economy

The main activity of the district is Agriculture. The cultivation of crops mostly depends on monsoon rains, tanks and wells. There are 90% of the cultivated area is coming under food crops. The main crops of the district are Paddy, Cumbu, Cholam, Ragi, Kuthiraivali, Panivaragu, Samai Arisi, Varagu Arisi, Thinai Arisi are some of the millets cultivated. In pulses major crops are blackgram, redgram, horsegram and greengram. In oil seeds gingelly oil (sesame oil), groundnut, castor. In commercial crops like cotton, sugarcane, tapioca is cultivated. Tapioca is mainly used for producing sago.

Namakkal is well known for Truck and Lorry external body building from the year 1956. It is very happy to say throughout India Tiruchengode is well known for its body building industry for trailers, tankers, trucks and Rig unit. Here, the Rig units and finished trucks are exported to foreign nations from Namakkal. In this industry nearly 25,000 peoples are employed directly and indirectly. Here there are 300 units body building units functioned, out of that 100 units are functioned in Tiruchengode.

Poultry development has been rather phenomenal in the district of Namakkal. This district is very famous for its poultry and dairy industries. Actually, Namakkal produces about 65% of the egg production of Tamil Nadu. This district is also famous for poultry feed manufacturing and weaving industries