About Economy

Here the horticulture of Mango is very famous. Mango was cultivated with the land of 300.17 Km2. This district cultivates 3, 00,000 tons of Mango’s annually. In Tamil Nadu Krishnagiri is the first place in the production of mango. Almost 20% of the mango’s like ‘Alphonso’ and ‘Thothapuri’ were cultivated in this district and it was processed into pulp also. Mango pulp processing is used for making juice in every year. Here, large-scale mango export also allowed for the district. So it will pave higher profit for farmers.

Approximately there are 25 industries located for the purpose of Mango’s processing. Another interesting thing is more of the population is employed in mango cultivation with directly as well as indirectly. Here, more than 150 Mango nurseries are producing mango saplings in and around village of Santhur. They also exports mango related products worth over 8 billion rupees. Government also operating some Horticulture farms here.