About Economy

Karur district is located on Cauvery delta region so the land of the Karur is so prosperous and fertile. The main activity of Karur district is Agriculture. The main crops are, Paddy, beetle leaf, grams and pulses, banana, sugarcane, groundnuts, kora grass, oilseeds, garland flowers, tropical vegetables and medicinal herbs. Karur is popular for its home textiles. Karur is niche in five main product groups such as, Kitchen linens, bed linens, table linens, wall hangings and toilet linens. Totally Karur contributes Rupees 6,000 crores in Foreign Exchange through direct and indirect exports. Here some allied industries like spinning and ginning mills, weaving, and dyeing factories are located.

It give employment for 4, 50,000 peoples in and around Karur District. Karur has weaving industry which is come from Kerala and has earned a good will for its high quality hand-loom products today. Another interesting thing this Karur supplies products to world leading stores like Walmart, Ahlens, IKEA, and Target etc. Karur has paper industry, TNPL which is promoted by the Government of Tamil Nadu with loan support from the World Bank. Currently TNPL is the largest producer of bagasse based paper products and the 2nd largest paper producer in Asia. TNPL manufactures 2, 30,000 tons of Writing and Printing paper and utilize 1 Million tons of bagasse every year.

So, it provides more employment. Karur is also eminent for bus body building industry. In South India, 95% of private bus bodies are being built here. The total business forecasted to be around Rs. 2,750 crores per annum. Here there are 200 builders; they are making more than 3,500 buses per year including government buses of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and some south Indian states. Karur is also home for TNPL Cement and Chettinad Cements. Another important thing is Chettinad Cements has an installed production capacity of 6, 00,000 tons per annum, with another 1.1 million tons expansion in the pipeline.

EDI Parry has sugar factory unit in Pettavaithalai and Pugalur. Both have a capacity of 4,000 TCD per year. Karur also headquarter of Karur Vysya Bank and Lakshmi Vilas Bank. Karur also contributes Nylon nets, and gem stones like amethyst, cat’s eyes, moonstones, feldspar, sapphires, aquamarines, beryl and jasper.