About Economy

The district main income source is Agriculture. Paddy, silk, turmeric, cotton, plantain, sugarcane and coconut are some of the main products from agricultural and allied industries. This district contributes 43% production of turmeric in Tamil Nadu. It is largest turmeric producer in the state and one of the national players in India. Erode is also called as “Turmeric City” because of abundant turmeric production. It is also the leader in the production of plantain, coconuts and white silk in Tamil Nadu.

Here, Gobichettipalayam is famous for its white silk, plantain, cotton and coconut production. The nation’s first automated silk reeling unit is situated near Gobichettipalayam, Erode. Chennimalai and Bhavani are famous for handloom, power loom textile products and readymade garments. In the year 2005, Bhavani Jamakkalam (which means Bhavani bed sheets) was registered as a geographical sign by Government of India. It is also very famous for textiles. Here, Modachur, Anthiyur, shandy are very famous for cattle.

As on 2001 (Indian Census) the participation of urban workforce in Erode contributes 35%. Here there are many registered secondary and tertiary sectors, but there is a decrease in primary sector. Major employment of the city is catering by turmeric industry, oil industry and textile industry. Nearly 68.83% of the workforce engaged in tertiary sector. According to the Census 2001, here there are 60 tanneries, 165 lock manufacturing units and huge number of spinning mills. But, many textile industries are situated in the Chennimalai, Dharapuram and Karur hosts. Mostly the products are traded in the city during Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Currently, industries are flourished the in and around Erode area were carpet manufacturing and hand loom weaving. Now most of the mills are converted into power loom industries. Here there are 24189 registered SSI units as on 31 December 2000 including giant 59 large scale units.

In the year 2008 the district GDP growth is 15.5%, which is top in the State that time. Here there are many oil and rice mills, engineering works, automobiles are located. This district stands second in leather processing in the state. Paper industries also located in and around district like TNPL and Seshasayee paper boards etc. Here, the Sugar processing industries take out juice from the cane to make sugar and the remains are used for paper manufacturing.

Finally the city popularly called as Turmeric City or Yellow city. Here, there are many dall mills, cotton textiles, vanaspathy manufacturing, and screen printing power loom, warping, sizing, wax, and printing press situated in the city. It is one of the largest coconut oil producers in South India.